The Oranges and Lemons quilt

It is always nice to create a quilt for a particular person. The quilt above, completed this week, was made for a baby called Ruby. Ruby’s mum sent me a photo of a garment which gave me the ‘colour story’ for the quilt and off I went. The quilt has 40 blocks, each with quiteContinue reading “The Oranges and Lemons quilt”

A quilter’s bag and the Antiques Roadshow

Several unexpected gifts came my way during the first week of September. The first was a bag of delicious home-grown tomatoes, brought round by a neighbour. I was never at home in the day-time before – how nice! The quilt group re-started after the ‘summer recess’, although several of us went together on the tripContinue reading “A quilter’s bag and the Antiques Roadshow”

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