How to add quilting to a quilt

This post is one in a series this month about making up a quilt from the quilt blocks posted one a month all through last year. Last week I wrote about making a backing and layering up the quilt. The next step is to quilt it. This is a huge subject – whole books haveContinue reading “How to add quilting to a quilt”

Make a quilt in 2019 – February quilt block

This year, I am hoping to persuade you to make a quilt. Each month, on the second Monday of the month, I am sharing a step-by step pattern for a twelve-inch block. In case you missed it, January’s block is here. In the same post, you can see information about basic equipment for quilt-making. YouContinue reading “Make a quilt in 2019 – February quilt block”

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