A tea-towel fabric design (meringues!)

As it is now close to the festive season, I am going to share a recipe in this week’s blog post. (There is a textile connection too.) First, here’s the recipe: Meringues Whisk the whites of 2 eggs till they are very stiff. Add gradually a quarter pound of very fine castor sugar and continueContinue reading “A tea-towel fabric design (meringues!)”

A calico bag, a tea-towel design and books

This week’s post is about books and their authors, who are all women, as it happens. Writing about the City of Durham (I live just four miles from the city centre) and about the surrounding area, is a feature of this blog. (See some examples here, here, here, here and here). Over the last tenContinue reading “A calico bag, a tea-towel design and books”

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