Running a small (textiles) business for five years

Today is the first of September. Here in the North-East of England, there is a change in the air and the temperature is cooler. Having brought up four children and having worked for fourteen years as a schoolteacher, the beginning of September has for a large part of my life meant the start of aContinue reading “Running a small (textiles) business for five years”

Small business 2 – Nicola Jayne Little

During my course with Michelle Rose (look back to last week’s post to find out about that), she mentioned a forthcoming course offered by NBSL for small businesses in our area: Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham. I applied and got a place on the August course, taught by Nicola Jayne Little. The sessions included tutorials onContinue reading “Small business 2 – Nicola Jayne Little”

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