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I’m interested in small businesses, especially those run by women. (You can read my interviews with seven such businesses here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)  

This week I’d like to introduce a business  – Hoodlum Clothing – which I first discovered when I attended a student fashion show, here in Durham last summer. Hood from Hoodlum Clothing

The student models on the catwalk were wearing extraordinary, luxurious, decorative hoods. These accessories looked stylish and dramatic on both the lads and the girls.

Hoods from Hoodlum Clothing

As it turned out the designer and maker of these items, Jo Buttons, was seated in the audience just in front of me.

Jo Buttons of Hoodlum Clothing

I chatted to her a bit about what she does. Each hood is carefully handmade by her and they are all different. She has made a deliberate decision to opt for ‘slow fashion’ and make something really individual. Rich fabrics appear on the outside of the hoods, such as this fabulous sequinned cloth seen on Hoodlum’s Instagram page (@hoodlumclothinguk):

Sequinned hood from Hoodlum clothing

So if you want to own one of these extraordinary items, the place to go is Hoodlum’s Etsy shop, which you can find here. Look out for this magenta beauty!

Hood by Hoodlum Clothing

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