New Year Resolutions, quilting and otherwise

Happy New Year!

I’m beginning the new year with a new profile photo. The last one was done in 2014 when I started Amanda Jane Textiles and I look a little different now, so it’s time for an update.

Amanda Jane Ogden profile picture January 2019
Photo by Luke Ogden

Over Christmastime – at home with the family – there was a discussion about New Year’s resolutions. One person said that rather than make a resolution to stop doing something, their preference was to resolve to take up something new or to learn something new.  I thought this was an excellent idea. So, one of my objectives for 2019 is to complete a course on Adobe Illustrator and then use what I have learnt to complete some new fabric collections. I’ll let you know how I get on and show some of the new designs on the blog as I go.

My other resolution has already appeared in print! The editor of Quilt Now, Bethany Armitage, asked several contributors for their new year resolutions, to appear in issue 57. This was mine (listed with others on page 68 of the magazine): “At Christmas in 2016, I was given some beautiful Liberty lawn fabric with peacocks on. It’s being made into a hand-stitched quilt using English Paper Piecing. I think of it as my ‘Tuesday Quilt’ as it’s the one I take to my quilt group each week. My resolution is to complete it in 2019!”

So I’m committed now to both the above!

Other resolutions could involve doing something for others. Here I have a suggestion that you might like to take up if you are someone who likes sewing and quilting.  I have written a pattern for Fiddle Fingers Quilts, an organisation (run by Judy Harris and Karen Perry) which coordinates the making of quilts for people with dementia.  This is a free downloadable pattern which is intended to help you design and make your own lap-quilt.

'Keys and Trees' free downloadable quilt pattern by Amanda Jane Textiles for Fiddle Fingers Quilts

To get the pattern, click here then click again on the pattern link on the page.

If you want to find out more about Fiddle Fingers Quilts, go to their website:

Last year in January, I resolved to complete a drawing every day using the prompts in the lovely book ‘Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way’ by Jennifer Orkin Lewis. I’m happy to report that I have finished all 365 drawings, in different media. Each month, the author suggested certain media to use, but for the final month the choice of medium was left open, so I returned to collage, which I’d enjoyed earlier in the year. So the image for 31 December 2018 just had to be celebration fireworks!


You can see all the year’s drawings on Instagram by clicking here

What are your New Year Resolutions?

For New Year, I just have to share my ‘Fireworks in the Alps’ fabric design. You can find it here.


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