‘Summer Bouquets’ – make the first block

This is the third stage in the ‘Summer Bouquets’ quiltalong. You can find information about the quiltalong here

Make the First Block

Use a quarter-inch (6mm) seam throughout.

1 Pin a white half-rectangle to a light green half-rectangle as shown and stitch. Note the position of the ‘ears’ at each end of the seam.

2 Press the seam and then press the seam across to the darker side (see also the photo of the reverse in step ). Press like this for each subsequent stage.

3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 seven more times.

4 Pin a white half-rectangle to a ‘Twin Roses’ half-rectangle. Pin and stitch.

5 Press as before, pressing to the darker side.

6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 seven more times.

7 Take a unit made in steps 1-3 and place it on the table with the white triangle showing above the green. Lay a unit made in steps 4-5 on top (right sides together) with the white lying above the printed fabric. Join the two units by stitching on the right hand short edge. Press.

8 Repeat step 7 seven more times. Press the central seam open for each unit.

7 Take a unit made in steps 7-8 and lay it face upward on the table. Take one of the units made in step 6 and turn it through 180 degrees and lay it beneath, as shown.

8 Place the lower unit it right sides together on top of the other piece and join along the long edge at the bottom. Press.

9 Repeat steps 7-8 three more times. Press well and set the blocks aside.

The next stage of the quiltalong will be here on the blog on Monday 5 April 2021. See you then.

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